where it all started

Rooms Kazbegi

This is where it all started, hence beginning the celebration here. An overnight event got together the dearest friends to Rooms Hotels - people accompanying the brand along its 10 turns Around the Sun. Not overlooking the carefully curated theme for the anniversary, Rooms Kazbegi welcomed its guests with gifts, festive dinner, live music, and above all - The Sun.

part 1
autumn equinox
Vazhmar playing

Around the Sun

By Vazhmarr

A music producer based in Tbilisi told the story of 'Around the Sun' through sounds, translating the 10 Years of Rooms Hotels into a musical experience. Vazmarr created a melodic structure ranging from ambient to glitch for something so conceptual yet completely perceivable. This musical piece, comprising a dramaturgical motion, serves as an abstract mirror to the strict mountains surrounding Rooms Kazbegi, Georgia's essence and primordial traditions.

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